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The fate of Paul Pogba Could like Memphis Depay in Manchester United

Football legend Ruud Gullit, Netherlands, Manchester United Star judge, PaulPogba, could have well with Memphis Depay otherwise focus with his game.

Manchester United pulled off Depay to Olympique Lyonnais with a transfer value of21 million pounds ($ 348 billion) in January 2017. Netherlands midfielder was ratedperformance show consistently failed along with the Red Devils since joining in the summer of 2015-2016.

Pogba who recently joined Manchester United in the summer of 2016 critics several times. One of them, Pogba had done a handball which led to a penalty goal for Liverpool when they play 1-1, at Old Trafford, on the weekend, Sunday (15/1/2017).

The fate of Paul Pogba Could like Memphis Depay in Manchester United

"Paul Pogba going through the same thing with the Memphis Depay at Manchester United. He may be the most expensive player in the world, but what is important isnot that if he spent much time to style of dress, hair color and social media, "said Gullit.

"Paul was supposed to ask the Memphis and he will realize for success and are at a high level in the United Kingdom can only be achieved if you look good every weekand dedicate everything to career."

"Memphis got great criticism because more concerned with his image than boosting ability. He should give precedence to everything about the game than anything else. "

"Pogba will also get a raging from fans. People will start complaining and criticizinghim. the greatest Players in the world despite having important rules. Play nice with the Club a priority, don't let anything else interfere. That's my advice, "said Gullit.

Manchester United broke the record with the most expensive transfer recruit Paul Pogba from Juventus in July 2016 by around 89 million pounds ($ 1.48 trillion). He has already scored six goals and four assists from 29 appearances in various races of the season in 2016-2017.

Manchester United had to settle for sharing the points with Stoke City after the endof the match the 22nd week of the Premier League at the Britannia Stadium with the score 1-1. Wayne Rooney perform as saviour of Manchester United thanks to a goal which he printed in the final minute of the match.

Although acting as a guest team, Manchester United appear pressed in the early minutes of the match. The new game is running a two-minute, Ander Herrera Spurn successfully cleared by The Potters defence.

Enter the minutes, thundering Britannia Stadium after Manchester United goalkeeper vibrate. Efforts to keep out Juan Mata kicks Erik Pieters thus entered into the goalDavid De Gea and resulted in goals for Stoke City.

The fate of Paul Pogba Could like Memphis Depay in Manchester United

Lagging behind one goal, to make children's Jose Mourinho enhances the tempo of attacks. But their efforts to create a stabilisation goal failed. The first half of the match ended with Stoke City over Manchester United.

Enter the second interval Mourinho enter Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard and Wayne Roney to add power gedor Manchester United. But the turnover proved to be less effective because Manchester United are still the difficulty for scoring.

In the final minute of the match, Manchester United's attempt to score a goal to fruition. Execution free kick hitting the goalpost success Rooney Stoke City. The goal at the same time make the game ended with the score 1-1.

Manchester United recorded excels in pengusaaan the ball with a percentage of 65percent. In addition, the Mourinho's squad recorded 25 opportunities and eight of which leads to a target goal.

Scoring one point does not change the position of The Red Devils ranks sixth in thestandings, while Premier League scoring 41 points. As for the earnings numbers Stoke City to 28 and ranked ninth.

The fate of Paul Pogba Could like Memphis Depay in Manchester United

The former Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrrad, sparing the negative results receivedwhen Liverpool entertain Swansea City at the weekend Premier League 2016-17.

Gerrad explain if he was quite surprised by the defeat of Liverpool, but he realized ifThe Reds often get negative results when fight club the Board down.

"When I was playing for Liverpool, we've often got negative results when facing the Club Board. This should be changed. I can clearly see pique that emanated from the face of Jurgen Klopp.

"Tomorrow, Chelsea a chance to widen the gap with us be ten points if they were able to secure the victory. If that occurs, we would be very difficult to pursue them, "said Gerrard.

The defeat of Swansea City making Liverpool stuck in third place and a chance to disalip Arsenal. Currently, Liverpool collected 45 points from 22 matches of the Premier League that they went through this season.

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