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Fired Guidolin, Swansea City Appoints New Manager

Manchester United legend Eric Cantona,, so happy to be back visiting Malaysia. According to the Neighbouring Country, Cantona had been like a second home for him.

That figure is now 50 year old came to Malaysia as guest of a telecommunications company. He visited several areas such as Penang, Kota Bahru, Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya in the last week.

This is for the fifth time Cantona landed in Malaysia. "I consider Malaysia as his second home," said Cantona.

"I like karipap, karepok lekor, and satay. I also love local food and the weather here,"continued the former France national team players that.

Cantona then recounts the experience of beauty for five years in uniform. According to Cantona, his best season was 1992-93 season.

"The Season is very special. We became champions for the first time since 26 years.On the season, we played a lot of young players, "he said.

Fired Guidolin, Swansea City Appoints New Manager

Swansea City fired Manager Francesco Guidolin on Monday (3/10/2016). Some time after getting rid of Guidolin, The Swans appoints Bob Bradley as the new Manager.

"We do not expect the sacking of Guidolin against happens. We think he deserves achance after going through last season, "said Chairman Huw Jenkins, the Swansea City.

"Unfortunately, we could not improve performance since last season. We think the turn this position will lead to a better condition. We thank Guidolin with his top staffand wish them success in the future, "Jenkins continued.

Guidolin coached since on 18 January 2016, Swansea City melakoni 22 matches. However, a note of original Manager Italy it's not impressive because only won sevenmatches.

Currently, The Swans slumped in the position of the Premier League standings. Swansea's only noted one victory in seven matches of the season 2016-2017.

Guidolin's position will be replaced by former United States national team coach, Bob Bradley. Previously, Word got out Ryan Giggs will menukangi the team called TheGoose it.

"We are delighted with the appointment of Bradley as a Manager. He has international experience and domestic as well. It's never easy to change a Manager. However,we believe that Bradley can taste with us inside and outside the field, "said Jenkins.

The former Manchester United player who now works as a football observer, RobbieSavage, assess the goalkeeper David De Gea as a cause of failure keladi Red Devilsget maximum points against Stoke City, Sunday (2/10/2016).

Fired Guidolin, Swansea City Appoints New Manager

Manchester United's 1-draw. The Red Devils winning first in 69 minutes through the actions of Anthony Martial. Stoke City equalize match live leaving only eight more minutes passing touchdowns Joe Allen.

The goal of domination could not be separated from a mistake De Gea. Starting from Glen Johnson who Spurn failed with sempirna was denied by De Gea. The ball fellat the feet of Allen and easily diceploskannya into a goalpost is already empty.

"I'm confident with the capabilities of De Gea, Furthermore he should catch the ball.Even though the ball had just been detached from his hand, he should be mengamankannya soon, "explained Savage.

"The Ball was near its range, so it's not hard to mengenggamnya," he added.

However, Michael Owen defends De Gea, and considers the Spain goalkeeper has already done its job with the ball from the goal distance, though not perfect.

"It is very difficult to catch a ball that has already detached from the hands of the goalkeeper. So, things that can De Gea do is just keep her away from the penalty box and prevent arcing from danger. The ball will slow down after he threw the ball, making it highly susceptible to recaptured by opposing players, "bela Owen.

"De Gea not dropped the ball. He decided to shift the ball, because the shot that comes to him comes with the turn and it is difficult for him to catch it, "he added.

This makes the draw Manchester United stuck in sixth position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 with 13 points. Meanwhile, Stike City terjerembab in 19th position with three points.

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