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5 Controversial Jose Mourinho's complaint

The Special One nickname given to Manager Jose Mourinho, when it comes to Chelsea in 2004. He called himself after bringing Porto win the Champions League.

During the two periods for directing successful Mou, Chelsea offered three Premier League title and the League Cup as well as the United Kingdom, one FA Cup and FA Community Shield.

In addition to genius, Mourinho is also known as a controversial figure. often, the various comments made the broken hot spiciness of other managers. MOU had labeled the Manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, Voyeur.

Voyeur is a term in France for people who have the pleasure of peeping of the opposite sex who is not wearing a shirt. The nickname was given to Mou Wenger refers to the habit of the Professor who often sends people to peek at the exercise.

Not only that, the Mou also known as the figure who often protest the decision of the referee and not hesitate to dismantle his evil players.

Like when THY lost 1-3 from Watford (18/9/2016), Mourinho even blame Louis vanGaal reacted that is no longer the Manager, upon a decline in the performance of the penggawa MU.

5 Controversial Jose Mourinho's complaint

"It would be very difficult to change the way thought that directed by the old coach.It would be easier for me to use 20 new players and start from scratch. It's been twoyears, they run a play that is not at all I use. However, I am sure you can take over the task, "said Mourinho.

As it turns out, not Jose Mourinho only once issued a complaint. Here, 5 complaintAgainst during his career kepelatihannya.

Blaming Cristiano Ronaldo who do diving (Chelsea vs. Barcelona, February 23, 2006)

At that time, Jose Mourinho was the coach of Chelsea, and his team was facing Barcelona in the Champions League, in the party of 16.

The match ended with a score of 2-1, Chelsea were forced to play with ten players, after one of the players Chelsea, Asier del Horno, fouling Lionel Messi from behind. Since the Horno is already getting a yellow card earlier, he then had to get out of the field after getting a second yellow card.

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5 Controversial Jose Mourinho's complaint

Mourinho considers such incidents make asuhnya cannot compensate for Barcelonain terms of his game, because it is only playing with 10 players. In fact, Mourinho mentioned Messi as the man who ' clever acting. '

"Barcelona is a city of culture that have a lot of theater, and it looks like Manchester United are already learning to good use there, i.e. learning to play acting," sindir Mourinho at a press conference after the match.

Complain could not buy more new players (when Mourinho coaching Chelsea FC season 2007/2008)

On the season, Chelsea could only buy 3 new players, namely Nicolas Anelka from Bolton Wanderers (15 million pound sterling or USD 252 billion), Juliano Belleti from Barcelona (5 million euro or USD 72.9 billion), and Branislav Ivanovic from Lokomotiv Moscow (9.7 million pounds). It is regrettable by Mourinho. In fact he conveys, lack of funds transfer effect on the appearance of the team.

"I mengandaikannya like eggs and omelets. There are no eggs, no omelet. All depends on the quality of their eggs. There are high quality eggs, medium and low. If I want to egg quality one, and don't have the money to buy it, I can't make omelets that I inginkamn, "explained Mourinho on October 12, 2007.

Admitting that Chelsea could not escape from defeat (when Mourinho responded to Chelsea's defeat in the season 3 2014/2015)

The 2014/2015 season, Chelsea was ranked 1st and only suffered 3 defeats, namelyat the time against Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Bromiwich Albion.

Responding to this, Mourinho insisted that his team was not Arsenal, which won the League with unbeaten Premier League 2003/2004 season.

"I don't think can get through the season without losing," explained Mourinho.

"When Arsenal do, it will only happen once in a lifetime. Furthermore, it will not happen in the Premier League is competitive. History made Arsenal will be the first and last in history, "he said.

Complaint at the time lost to Newcastle (Chelsea vs. Newcastle, December 7, 2014)

In this match, Newcastle from Chelsea winning by a score of 2-1, and the victory of two goals scored by Papis Cisse.

5 Controversial Jose Mourinho's complaint

the last 10 minutes of the match, Newcastle put 10 players on the line of the back, and make Chelsea not real.

Responding to this, Mourinho said that Newcastle played like a cow, since play is boring.

"Newcastle should have put a cow in the middle of a field, and let it run in the field.They play like cows because they play with later. They shouldn't do it. They can survive, but not this way, "sindir Mourinho.

Complaints against a ball boy (Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace, March 30, 2014)

The match ended with a score of 1-0 to Crystal Palace, victory ball boy from Crystal Palace late delivering the ball to the Chelsea players, who immediately had to do the roll into. Mourinho then approached Azpilicueta who tried to wrest the ball from the ball boy, and prevent unwanted incidents.

"I think Cesar Azpilicueta feel emotionally with the ball boy, but if it is left, he will be exposed to the problem. I then approached the ball boy, and says ' If you repeat it, I'll hit you, ' to the ball boy, "explained Mourinho at the time of the press conference.

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