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Januzaj: Pogba I want to return to Manchester United

What felt Rooney cast after the game. The captain knew how to distinguish betweenpersonal enjoyment or the needs of the team.

"It's a great honor. I am very proud. It is difficult for excessive enjoyment because ofbubbling up the results obtained. However, this is also a great honor. I never thought it could be this record when first joining. I hope to continue to add to the goals for this team, "said Rooney.

Yes, 250 goals Rooney became the most for a player of Manchester United. Sir Bobby Charlton takes action to 758 slotted 249 goals. Meanwhile, Rooney just needed 546 matches in favor of passing the record of the legend.

"Players who once defended the Club was the football world. I am proud to play for Manchester United. A pride could be Manchester United's top scorer, "said Rooney.

Januzaj: Pogba I want to return to Manchester United

Great excitement behind Rooney's contribution started dimming. Rooney still considered important players, although Mourinho is now more often backing them up.

Not the reason Mourinho chose to put Rooney on the bench. At the beginning of the season, Rooney got the spicy criticism because votes are already not worth inhabiting the core Red Devils squad.

First began to disappear along with the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson at the end ofthe 2012-2013 season. In the meantime, view a record of last season, Rooney was only capable of scoring 15 goals in the eight of them created in the Premier League.

On the remains of his prowess, Rooney being professional. Never any news that Rooney was not at home because it is more often a backup. The anticipation was overwhen Rooney incised gold ink as Manchester United's top scorer.

Recognition of employee football
Congratulations coming from all directions. No exception from Mourinho who called Rooney has become the legend of Manchester United.

"The record is the record. This is the biggest Club records in the United Kingdom and also of the world. Prior to Rooney, the record belongs to the United Kingdom Football legend. Now, Rooney has become a legend in Manchester United, "said Mourinho.

Twitter United Kingdom national football team, and then from Bryan Robson and Rio Ferdinand pouring words of congratulations to Rooney. The trio tied red thread with Rooney or Manchester United.

Januzaj: Pogba I want to return to Manchester United

"Congratulations, Captain! @WayneRooney is now being Manchester United's top scorer, "chirp Twitter @England.

"Wazzzzaaaaaaaaaaa .... 250 Club! @WayneRooney, "written in the account @rioferdy5.

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Bryan Robson else download the tweet, "congratulations @WayneRooney grabbed the fantastic achievement."

Yes, indeed there will always be a record and can be resolved. There is no record that is timeless. Now, Rooney could feel the personal satisfaction of becoming a Manchester United legend only within the next 13 seasons. The record that it feels would take a long time to solve other players. Wayne Rooney is now officially the King of Old Trafford.

Penggawa Sunderland, Adnan Januzaj, claims to be if Paul Pogba has ever asked him to return to Manchester United to play with. According to Januzaj, his relationship with France it had been like a brother.

"A good friend is the Pogba at Manchester United. We are always together. We went to dinner and play games together. He's like a brother to me, "said Januzaj.

"Of course, Pogba stated wanted to play with me if I return to Manchester United. However, now I am playing in Sunderland. I have to do my best for this Club, "said Januzaj.

Januzaj: Pogba I want to return to Manchester United

Both these figures had played together, when still at Manchester United since his junior team in 2009. However, they split up after Paul Pogba moved to Juventus in the summer of 2012-2013.

During his time in Italy, Paul Pogba is experiencing rapid development and becomean important pillar in Juventus. As a result, Manchester United bought it back with the value of the transfer amounting to 105 million euros ($ 1.50 trillion) at the beginning of this season.

The fate of the peace Paul Pogba is inversely proportional to that of his friend. Januzaj are having difficulty continuing to penetrate the core of the Manchester United squad and often on loan to various clubs.

Currently, Adnan Januzaj along with Sunderland until the end of a season later. Along with the Club's David Moyes, Januzaj hopes to get an opportunity to show the potential he had.

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