Minggu, 27 November 2016

FC FC Captain Thierry Libido Libido: make this Motivation

Luck be a dark horse in the match against FC Libido orphanage Bonzu Hasibuan it. FC Braga in Libido is very dominating the match.

"The first half we controlled the game and dominant kecolongan two goals due to counter attack quickly. They now to our strategy of becoming the Fox two pressing in order to pursue the failed to be able to equalize, "he continued.

"A lot of the opportunities we created opportunities but more memebentur pole, sampe is finally finished after extra time in the round add Buffalo penalty Pre PON WNT win by final score 4-5," he added.

FC FC Captain Thierry Libido Libido: make this Motivation

Despite grabbing the minus results in two competitions namely Gato National Sepatu Futsal Championship and Cup 2015 2015, Governor of NTB team Semifinalists FSL 2015 itstill take important lessons and hope the performance continued to rise for the next competition.

"Make the experience matches in Lombok, a lot to be in a correction in terms of attack and defense. Hopefully with the results of the two Championships that have traveled the performance team increased in preparation for the next dikejuaraan, "its founders came player amateur team pungkas Dalka Fusion at the end of the interview.

Large 4 Cup game Governor of NTB 2015 which takes place in GOR 17 December,Mataram, on Tuesday (15/9) Afternoon, again gave birth to a few surprises anymore.

One of them is the Libido FC will have to cluck against Pre PON NTB after swallowing defeat so, requires extra time and impose both teams should be penalty kicks when in normal play time with the score 2-2.

So, the team by coach BelgiĆ« Bonsu Hasibuan it had established himself to penetrate towards the semifinals, after the team POUND WNT win in tos  tosan against FCLibido to the end to be 3-2, after a kick from Cybernet Prints succeed at mentahkan.

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FC FC Captain Thierry Libido Libido: make this Motivation

Then in the next match, the WPK Wattunnami (Pinky Boys) host, got rid of CarlsbergVamos Mataram with the score 4-3. Earlier, Syahidansyah Lubis successfully ribery early in advance.

The lapse of a few minutes, Echona Tuahuns equalize for Makassar team. Surprisingthings happen from former players Catching Boys, Niko Wijaya breaking into ex team-mate so it makes winning return Vamos into 2 – 1.

Until the round ends, the inspiration of the deciding goal at once make Ramadan brings Wattunnami translucent towards the semi-finals until the final score to 4-3.

Not only that, the Eastern Star Surabaya became a victim of the next young origin in East Kalimantan, Pre PON Kaltim. After Deri Nur dkk won with a convincing score, 4 – 2.

The Governor's Cup NTB 2015 entered the quarter-finals which will be held this afternoon (3/9) takes Seventeen hours ago, Lombok.

In the last match of the group stage yesterday (14/9) ongoing fun, some of the teams seeded swallow defeat. Vamos FC should be subject of BJL 2000 with a score of4-1, Wattunami Pinky WPK boys lose 3-5 from Mataram FC, as well as FC Keyzra that must be satisfied to become gatekeeper due to a 9-5 defeat by FC Libido.

Sabtu, 19 November 2016

Futsal Player Position: Get To Know The Pivot

What are the positions in futsal? In a position where I have to play? The two questions most frequently asked by most people in General. More specifically for the players who are new to the format of the game of 5-a-side (futsal).

In fact, if you're a seasoned player though, still take a while to run and understand the role given by the team. The process of running a's role in the team will be easierwhen you understand the basic criteria in each position. More importantly, knowingthe position where you can optimize advantages and covering the weakness that you have.

Futsal Player Position: Get To Know The Pivot

The exact position depending on the strategy and the tactics applied by the team. Each system may have a slightly different role. And each role may be known by various names, but generally is divided into 5 categories (without position include the goalkeeper).

As quoted URwww.5-a-side.com, five public position in futsal, among others, Pivot/Target Man/Man/Top Striker (specialists), Midfielders/Wingers Player/Utility, Last Man/Fixo/Stopper (specialist), Attackers, and Defenders.

Well, this time on the article, Futsal Zone will introduce you to what and how the position of the Pivot/Target Man/Man/Top Striker (specialists).

Players who play in this position known by various designations, but basically the player is requested to lead the offensive team. They are always looking for ways to make opposing defenses were overwhelmed. Acts as a team while attacking spearhead.

The term ' Pivot ' is often used for the players in the world of futsal. It is because they often receive the ball in a State backs to goal. Looking for a way to spin or conducting movements ' Pivot ' (shaft) past opponents and unleashing a shot into the goal.

Into the shaft for the team, maintaining possession and then provide feedback to the teammates and also make the game room. Although the main focus of a pivot is attacked, they must still contribute in the defence.

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Futsal Player Position: Get To Know The Pivot

Rarely found a team that played the two pivot simultaneously (although there are, usually both players will mutually betukar role). But it has become a common thing when a team does not use the pivot position at all (for example in the application of the formation of 2-0-2). But the player who has played the role of pivot specialist will help greatly the performance of the team.

Well to become a good pivot, you have to have several attributes:

 Strong possession (by no means must have a great body) to protect the ball froman opponent

 Walk fast and clever trick the opponent

 Fast and accurate Shooting Ability

 Movement (the movement) to create a space/gap and anticipation of the good inmemperikan the direction of arrival of passing.