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Prior to Sevilla, Jorge Sampaoli nearly so Chelsea Manager

Liverpool Echo Liverpool reportedly will soon extend the contract of Philippe Coutinho. The contract not only as the awards create Coutinho, but also guarding the players of Barcelona target.

Since the merge into Liverpool on 26 January 2013, the Brazil national team player career the more shine. It was seen at the start of this season. Of the 18 matches already traveled throughout the pageant competition, Coutinho scored six goals plus seven assists.

Thanks to a contribution of that 24-year player, Liverpool are now entrenched in the top four of the standings while the Premier League with a value of 45. They left behind 10 points from Chelsea who is still comfortable in the top position.

Stylish Philippe Coutinho performance with Liverpool making Barcelona interested in meminangnya. Coutinho is considered an ideal figure to replace the role Xavi Hernandez who has resigned at the end of the 2014-2015 season.

Prior to Sevilla, Jorge Sampaoli nearly so Chelsea Manager

Some legends Barcelona try to seduce Coutinho to uniformed Los Cules. In addition to Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo mentions if the former Inter Milan player wouldhave a brilliant career and became one of the flagship El Barca.

However, the efforts of Barcelona designate hard realized. For, Liverpool will soon renew the contract of the new will after Coutinho on June 30, 2020. Management of The Reds will give long-term contracts to players named Philippe Coutinho Correia was complete.

Discussion of the contract currently in progress. The new contract later, Philippe Coutinho not only benefits make the player, but also Liverpool.

Sevilla coach, Jorge Sampaoli, pleaded almost became Chelsea Manager for the 2016-2017 season. However, the origin of man that Argentina prefer Seville rather thanan offer from The Blues.

"I almost joined Chelsea, but then came the offer from Sevilla," said Sampaoli to El Transistor.

Chelsea is indeed when it was looking for a new Manager to be the replacement Guus Hiddink. However, the origin of the West London Club in the end drop option on Antonio Conte announced a new manager in April 2016.

As for the process of the appointment of Jorge Sampaoli by Sevilla acknowledgment took place quickly. Sampaoli pleaded not had time to recognize Sports Director Monchi, Sevilla, who became an intermediary negotiation between the Club and himself.

"I didn't even recognize Monchi at the airport. When I got off the plane and does not recognize Monchi, then he does come up and greet me, ' Hello, I'm Monchi ', "recalls Sampaoli.

Prior to Sevilla, Jorge Sampaoli nearly so Chelsea Manager

Sevilla then officially announced Jorge Sampaoli as coach later on 27 June 2016. The former coach of Chile's national team was tied with two season contract.

Under Jorge Sampaoli, Seville has become one of the serious title challengers La Liga 2016-2017. Currently, Sevillistas is in second place standings while scoring 42 points or difference in a number of Real Madrid at the top of the standings.

Chelsea rumored Metro interested get signature bomber Manchester United, Anthony Martial. The Blues would like to purchased Martial to Stamford Bridge on a stocktransfer early next season.

The France striker player origin plotted to replace the role of Diego Costa in the front-line. For, Costa was often rumored to be lifting the foot from Chelsea, because itaccepted the offer of a lucrative Chinese Super League club Tianjin, Quanjian.

Not only that, he also had a disagreement with the Manager of Chelsea, Antonio Conte. As a result, Costa crossed out of the teams lobbed face Leicester City on the weekend of the 21st Premier League, Saturday (14/1/2017).

Prior to Sevilla, Jorge Sampaoli nearly so Chelsea Manager

Chelsea's chances of getting the signature of Anthony Martial. The start 21-year striker could not enjoy his career with Manchester United after being knocked out of the main squad.

This season, he has played in 21 matches of which 14 of them appear since the earlyminutes. In addition, he is also the only four times for the full 90 minutes. However, the Martial scored six touchdowns plus three assists.

However, Manchester United are believed to not be pulled off with cheap value Martial Anthony. In addition to still bound to a contract until 30 June 2019, MU also released funds 57.6 million pounds ($ 943 billion) when redeeming Martial from AS Monaco on 1 September 2015.

The facts behind a Poor final settlement of Manchester United

Manchester United failed to steal the points after playing a goalless draw at Stoke City, the headquarters of the Britannia Stadium, on the weekend of the 22nd Premier League season 2016-2017, Sunday (22/1/2017). But foster care Jose Mourinho has many opportunities throughout the game.

Manchester United conceded the goal ahead of time due to the suicide of Juan Mata in the 19th minute. Wayne Rooney saved the Red Devils from defeat after breaking into the goal Stoke City with a free-kick towards bubaran.

As many as 25 shots were fired against the Manchester United players six belonged to Stoke City. However, only Rooney who was able to convert opportunities into goals.

Final settlement of Manchester United in the Premier League season 2016-2017 is indeed problematic. The proof, foster care Jose Mourinho was only able to slotted 33goals from 22 matches or worst than the six resident clubs in top positions.

According to statistics, the conversion kick in Manchester United, including the blocked opponent, only amounted to 8.8 per cent. Only Southampton and Hull City whohave catataan lower than the Red Devils.

The facts behind a Poor final settlement of Manchester United

Pemuncak Premier League standings while, Chelsea, and Arsenal became the Club's most efficient in converting the kick into goal (14.6%). Meanwhile, Liverpool recorded a conversion kick 13.4 percent, 12 percent of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur with 11.5 percent.

Ironically, based on statistics, the net opportunity conversion, Manchester United's record is the lowest of the 20 Club Premier League season 2016-2017. Only the net odds 30.8 percent Wayne Rooney and others that resulted in goals.

Bomber Chelsea, Diego Costa, began to become a target of criticism after involveda dispute with Manager Antonio Conte. However, David Luiz Costa does not mention worthy was criticized for his job has run alongside The Blues well.

"The task of Costa is scored and he train it every day. He did his job very well. He is the player who shows the performance was fantastic today, "said Luiz, as reported by the SFR Sport.

"He appeared nice and I became one happy for him because sometimes people talkwithout knowing anything and he had to face it. Reasonable if people talk about the best players in the world, Diego's one of them, "he said.

Diego Costa crossed out of the Chelsea squad ahead of a match in Leicester advanced game cons Premier League, Saturday (14/1/2017). Spain national team striker was rumored to be involved with mouth kicks Manager Antonio Conte and physical trainer The Blues.

Speculation of the future Diego Costa alongside Chelsea appear. Chinese Super League club, Quanjian, Tianjian had expressed intention to purchased the former pillar of Atletico Madrid in the January transfer stock 2017.

The facts behind a Poor final settlement of Manchester United

Diego Costa finally turned the issue of his departure from Stamford Bridge Chelseasilence Hull City two goals without reply in the 22nd week of the Premier League, on Sunday (22/1/2017). He contributed one goal and did a unique ending as if to stifle rumors transfer.

"I don't know. Everything is running normally. Each person gets a bid, everyone hasthings to talk about. He's happy, always wanting to play football, that's what's important to me, "he added.

So far, Diego Costa has scored 15 goals from 20 appearances in the Premier League. Thanks to those contributions, The Blues currently entrenched at the top of the standings while the Premier League with the value 55.

Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann, have unique ways of responding to rumours of moving to Manchester United. It's France midfielder responded through celebrate the goals.

The incident happened when Atletico Madrid tried his strength in Athletic Bilbao atSan Mam├ęs Stadium match of La Liga 2016-2017 weekend-Sunday (22/1/2017). LosRojiblancos Griezmann became a Savior after the scored stabilised 2-thus avoiding his team from defeat.

After scoring in the 80th minute, Griezmann direct running and say something toward the television cameras. 25 year old player was known to say "C'est ma mainson ici!" which in English means "my house Indonesia here!".

It then seems to be the answer to plan the move to Manchester United Griezmann.Griezmann is allegedly still at home and cannot see the opportunities to leave Atletico Madrid.

The facts behind a Poor final settlement of Manchester United

Antoine Griezmann removals rumors to Manchester United is indeed grown in the last few days. Media-media United Kingdom preaching, the Red Devils are ready menggelontorkan funds up to £ 70 million or equivalent to Rp 1.1 trillion.

Even Manchester United, claimed to have set up numbering 7 for Antoine Griezmann if agreed to join in the summer. However, the code given above Griezmann ratedbe the answer if the player will not leave until his contract ends on June 30, 2021.