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Jose Mourinho Resigned If Wayne Rooney was invited to China

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, concerned over the head injury that plaguedmidfielders Hull City, Ryan Mason. Conte hopes Mason could soon recover and return to play.

"Everyone at Chelsea is hoping the best for Ryan Mason because it was a bad incident with Gary Cahill," said Conte.

"Everything in Chelsea hopes to see her again soon to play in the field. I hope he recovers quickly, "said the Manager of the origin of Italy that.

The injury experienced by Ryan Mason when doing an air duel with Gary Cahill in the 21st minute. As a result, United Kingdom origin players it should finalize a matchquicker and was rushed to the hospital to get first aid.

Hull City via his official statement to confirm Ryan Mason suffered a fractured skull.The 25-year-old player was already had surgery and is currently in stable condition.

Jose Mourinho Resigned If Wayne Rooney was invited to China

For a while, Ryan Mason will undergo treatment at the Hospital of St. Mary's and yetcan be sure when to be back playing.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, go to vote about a rumor Wayne Rooney removals to China. The Special One claiming to know and could have resigned if Rooney ultimately decided to leave the land of Bamboo Blinds it.

"I don't want to criticize the decisions of the players invited to China. This is becauseit is their life and to live as well as their careers, too. The money offered was quite large, as well as with the experience offered will be very interesting, "said Mourinho.

"In the case of Wayne Rooney, I don't know if he's going to China. He never mentioned anything to me. The future belongs to him and it's associated what he wants in his career, how he wants to end his career, and enjoyed the last part in her career, "said Mourinho.

The future of Wayne Rooney started being speculation after rumored to get a tantalizing offer from China. The Manchester United captain was believed to be will be the player with the highest salaries in the world if you want to join and play in the Chinese Super League.

Wazza claimed would get wages worth 1 million pounds sterling or equivalent to Rp16 billion per week. That number tripled over which he currently at Manchester United.

Wayne Rooney is currently still bound by contract until June 30, 2019. United Kingdom origin players that just holds the status as the top goal-scorer of all time Manchester United with a collection of 250 goals.

Hull City via his official website on Sunday (22/1/2017), confirm the Ryan Mason got to ride the operating table after suffering an injury to the skull bones are cracked because of the penalty spot Gary Cahill on a Premier League game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Jose Mourinho Resigned If Wayne Rooney was invited to China

"The Club confirm Ryan Mason suffered a fractured skull when facing Chelsea. He's already under to St. Mary's Hospital in London and had undergone surgery, "call theofficial statement Hull City.

"Ryan in stable condition and is expected to remain in Hospital for a few days into the future," the Club's statement sounds.

The incident occurred in the 21st minute. In the corner kick situation, Mason wanted to head off Cahill who want to heading the ball. However, Mason had to face the fact that Chelsea Defender penalty spot her head.

It had stopped the game for nine minutes. Mason immediately get first aid and unable to continue the match so replaced David Meyler.

In addition to the loss of Ryan Mason, Hull City must also admit defeat 0-2 from Chelsea. Offside The Blues was scored by Diego Costa (45 + 7 ') and Gary Cahill (81 ').

Pundits soccer, Graeme Souness and Thierry Henry, spare decision referee Neil Swarbrick which do not give a gift penalty kick for Hull City in a match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (22/1/2017).

"One hundred percent that it should be penalty kicks. The referee did not have a clear vision, but not so with the line judge, "said Souness.

"Obviously, when the players come at the same time that you are looking for is the ball. Alonso was originally a one meter from the ball and he did contact with opposing players. So, the penalty should have been given, "he said.

Jose Mourinho Resigned If Wayne Rooney was invited to China

The Souness comments referring to the incident that occurred in the area of Chelsea penalty on 49 minutes. At that time, Marcos Alonso tried to stop the movement ofAbel Hernandez.

However, Spain midfielder left foot late cut off the ball so that it is even menjegal walk behind Abel Hernandez. The incident escaped the scrutiny that his view of the referee Neil Swarbrick hindered players. Judge lines more clearly see the incident that just ignore it.

"He (Neil Swarbrick) would probably think, ' if the line is not the judge raised the flag, so I can't verify whether it's offense or not '. Supposedly, judge line helps the referee there, "criticism of Thierry Henry.

Chelsea finally grabbed a 2-0 victory thanks to goals scored Diego Costa (45 + 7 ') and Gary Cahill (81 '). The victory made The Blues firmly at the top of the standings while Premier League 2016-2017 with 55 points, winning eight figures of Arsenal in second place.

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