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5 lessons from Tottenham's victory over Manchester City

Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 victory over Manchester City on seventh Premier League weekend matches 2016-2017, Sunday (2/10/2016). For the City, the defeat being the Prime endured this season.

Both goals Tottenham comes through suicide Aleksandar Kolarovs in the ninth minute and Delle Alli on 37 minutes. The victory made Tottenham are in position two standings with 17 points. Meanwhile, the City remained in the top position with a value of 18 numbers.

This appearance at once into the memory of gold for Pochettino, who currently coached Tottenham. Not only winning, but he's also a repeat gold memory while still coached Espanyol. At its first meeting with Pep Guardiola in La Liga on 23 February 2009, the son of asuhnya beat Barca trained Pep by a score of 2-1.

These Bola.com describe 5 things can be learned from the victory over Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City.

Tottenham play faster compared to Manchester City

Guardiola, who plays with an open and attacking game, seemed amazed by how thePoechettino should match The Citizen in the same way.

5 lessons from Tottenham's victory over Manchester City

According to the Skysport, Tottenham appeared far more pressing than Manchester City. Pochettino's team that ran as far as 118.8 km, while the team's Pep only ran as far as 114.8 km.

With these statistics, we can see how rajinnya Tottenham captured the ball from the feet of players Manchester City, as well as a mastery of the ball more often becausethe bait-bait.

Tottenham managed to lock the movement of the Manchester City midfielder

This success was repeated the success of Pochettino in 2009, which is when the first time he met Pep in the field on 23 February 2009. Espanyol then won with a score of 2-1.

If the match against Manchester City, Pochettino asks the child asuhnya to cover the movement of Fernandinho and Fernando as gelandangbertahan, then in 2009, Pochettino directs the child asuhnya to shut down the movement from Gerard Pique, Rafa Marquez, and Yaya Toure, according to reports from Dailymail.

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"Maybe a lot of people think if when City played with Fernando and Fernandinho you expect them to play with very tight, whereas precisely the reverse is happening. Spurs players get the ball from the position in which they stand and immediately moving to their defensive line, "explained Jamie Carragher, BBC pundit.

5 lessons from Tottenham's victory over Manchester City

Not only that, the approach to Tottenham to Manchester City Player even up to the stage where they stop short of their feedback. Tottenham did not let the City with their short outwit from set-piece. So, the options City when doing a set-piece is simply doing a long feedback, which can be easily stopped by the player's City.

"The City always do short after getting a goal kick. Tottenham knows this, and make the City can only do long bait. In doing so, City unfamiliar with long feed, fail to maximize their game, and the length of the bait easily captured by Manchester City, "added Carragher.

The appearance of the heroic Son Heung Min & delegation of Alli

These two players are able to work together well and become the hero of the victory over Tottenham The Citizen. Be a single assailant, not making the Son did not forget that he also can give assists, proved by giving one assist to delegation of Alli in the 37.

Even his past two players survived the Manchester City, Mancini and Kolarov, managed and resolved by both by Alli. Son also almost scored a goal for himself in minute 49, after getting the bait back pass from Christian Eriksen, if only the shots were not broken by Claudio Bravo.

For Alli, the formation of 4-1-4-1 used by Pochettino could use well for Manchester City's weaknesses. Alli is the main character of Tottenham in Ballon ball break frommidfield, and made it as its attack. Cech made a frustrating opponent, and it's no wonder tekel of Manchester City players came to him, as did Nicolas Otamendi.

Tottenham Defender a tough

Tottenhanm should thank Toby Alderwield, Victor Wanyama, and Jan Vertonghen,who fill the defensive midfield Tottenham on those games.

Wanyama became a central figure in the long controlled much of the feedback conducted by Manchester city.

5 lessons from Tottenham's victory over Manchester City

"He played well for 90 minutes. Wanyama took all the failed long feedback-controlled CIty, "explained Gary Neville.

Vertonghen and Toby contribute by doing clearance. With 24 clearance of these two players, that number is much more, than clearance conducted by the City, according to reports Skysport.

Manchester City are difficult to adapt without Kevin de Bruyne

De Bruyne which are currently injured, made his position should be replaced by Sterling, should play as an attacking midfielder. Earlier, Sterling played as a winger.

Tottenham defender who played very aggressively, making Sterling could not be real. In this match, Sterling was only able to do 1 Cross and 1st shots. He was only able to complete the 63% of the bait.

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