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Mustafi Value Arsenal Have Shown Character Winners

Athletic Bilbao Defender, Aymeric Laporte, claimed to not regret declined the offer to join Manchester City in the summer of 2016.

Stylish appearance Laporte along Bilbao turned out to be no escape from the CityManager's observations, Pep Guardiola. The European media to preach, The Citizenshad wanted to hook the Laporte at last summer.

However, Guardiola attempts get refusal from Laporte. France midfielder it professes to reject an offer to join the City fearing not many get a chance to play like that now he owns in Bilbao.

"How do I say no to Pep Guardiola? I say it with reference to the pros and cons. I'vetalked to him for a long time, so with the Club, "said Laporte.

"I also talked to my family and my relatives. Not too early, just the pros and cons of play offered a chance to question because I recently recovered from injury, "said 22players that year.

"It is not easy to take a decision in the age of now. However, in the end I had to do it and I'm happy with the decision I took, "said Laporte.

Mustafi Value Arsenal Have Shown Character Winners

Currently, Laporte contract until June 30, 2020 at the San Mames Stadium. Since thepenetrating the main squad in 2012, players berpostur 189 cm was already collecting 158 appearances together.

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski, judge Liverpool have great opportunities earned a Premier League 2016-2017 under Manager Jurgen Klopp.

Had initiated action inaugural season 2016-2017 3-4 defeat of Arsenal make Liverpool first settled. As a result, The Reds were able to perform and not to mention the feel of a mistake.

Liverpool even surprisingly able to defeat two giants, namely Leicester City by a score of 4-1 and Chelsea, 2-1. With these records, the original Club Merseyside now has the right to sit in fourth position standings while scoring 16 points.

"In my opinion, under Klopp Liverpool will fight winning the title this season. For Pep and his Manchester City make the others not easy winning the title, but Liverpoolhave a great opportunity, "says Lewandowski.

Jordan Henderson and his friends left two numbers from Manchester City at the top of the standings. However, the absence of Liverpool judge Lewandowski European competition would be an advantage for them in the hunt for the title.

"Not playing in European competition makes them fit for any action and avoid the problems of injury. Although Jurgen Klopp is always smiling, but she's pretty cruel to take advantage of it, "said Lewandowski who played under Klopp when uniformed Borussia Dortmund range 2010-2014.

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Mustafi Value Arsenal Have Shown Character Winners

OGC Nice, striker Mario Balotelli is not at all claiming to know the figure of the Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp.

Meetings-and indeed critically short. Klopp Because, both recently met while touring pramusim Liverpool to United States in the summer of 2016.

While Klopp first arrived at Anfield in October 2015, Balotelli is being loaned to ACMilan. Therefore, it is natural when Balotelli admits her new trial involved once withoriginal Manager Germany it.

"Klopp did not know me and I once talked to him. He told me to go to other clubs to work hard and then come back, "says Balotelli to Sky Italy.

"So, I say goodbye to them. Since that time we have never met each other, "said Italy midfielder then.

Liverpool then break the contract players called Super Mario that. Now, Inter careerat Nice. Along with that, the Ligue 1 Club Trophies again find first appearance and has already scored six goals in five matches played on all the event.

Mustafi Value Arsenal Have Shown Character Winners

Defender Shkodran Mustafi Arsenal, declared his team has the ability very good face all situations. Victory over Burnley last weekend 24 year old Defender assessed it as a reflection of the character's mental as well as The Gunners.

Arsenal managed to stifle Burnley at Turf Moor with a score of 1-0, in the seventh week of the Premier League continued Sunday (2/10/2016). Laurent Koscielny became a hero for The Gunners through golnya a few seconds ahead of the match's end.

The victory was the fifth London Cannon owned consecutively this season.

"We showed good character and has the mental armor, and that's what gave us thethree points late in the game. Great team fought until the end because they know that there is still a chance to score and we show it, "said Mustafi.

Throughout the game, Arsenal let go three shots of 18 experiments, with 67 percent of possession, while Burnley are only created one chance gold out of a total of 10 attempts.

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