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Guardiola is proud and sad Fate Against Manchester City

Manchester City's Manager, Josep Guardiola, admitted if a child asuhnya a great game but they continue to be disappointed with the end result that they achieved.

Manchester City again failed to achieve victory after being held goalless Tottenham Hotspur. In the game, Manchester City's first two goals lead before Tottenham were able to equalize the score.

"We are showing a great performance but the results we achieved are truly disappointing. We created many opportunities but not enough to grab the victory.

"Everton scored four goals in four chances, along with Tottenham who scored twicefrom two chances. I find hard to accept the fact that as we get a lot of opportunities.

"I think we just need to play better in the next matches and action ensure the resultlike this is not repeated. I am saddened and angry towards this result, but I am proud with the players and they do not deserve to get those results, "said Guardiola.

Guardiola is proud and sad Fate Against Manchester City

These results make Manchester City failed to get back into the Champions League zone and had to settle for fifth position in the standings held up temporarily with a collection of 43 points.

Jose Mourinho, praised Stoke City against Manchester United in a match of the 22nd week of the Premier League at the Britannia Stadium, Saturday (21/1/2017).

Stoke City excels in advance after Juan Mata scored a own goal in the 19th minute.However, Manchester United were able to force the game ends the same strong after Wayne Rooney scored a lobbed over.

"This is a big game between two teams who are both trying to achieve victory," saidMourinho

"After 25 minutes passed, there was a situation where there is a team that struggledto win, on the other hand the other team trying to play defense. They do it well, "the advanced Manager Portugal origin.

Stoke City were able to utilize the support suporternya to the maximum. Entire lineper line underwent his role well to be able to stem the attacks launched from Manchester United.

In the game, Manchester United's superior in ball pengusaaan the percentage of 65percent and had 25 chances. Even so they were only able to obtain a goal.

"They have demonstrated the hard work and do everything to stop us. In fact, we also expect to reach the target (win), but we do not think this can be an opportunitymissed, "Iniesta said.

Guardiola is proud and sad Fate Against Manchester City

Scoring one point does not change the position of the sixth ranked Manchester United in the standings while the Premier League. As for the earnings numbers Stoke City to 28 and ranked ninth.

Manchester City underwent a difficult game face Tottenham Hotspur at Etihad Stadium on the weekend of the 22nd Premier League (21/1/2017). The Citizens who hadsuperior goal should answer two full points after Tottenham Hotspur was able to rise up and equalize.

After swallowing defeat away from Everton on the weekend before, Manchester Cityhave defeated Tottenham Hotspur in order to match the opponent's points collection (45 points).

In the first half, Manchester City showed dominance with continued attacks. But the presence of Hugo Lloris under crossbar Tottenham make the home team the trouble of creating goals.

Entering the second half, the spirit of Manchester City players increased. It is evident from the success of Leroy Sane breaking into the second half when goalkeeper Lloris recently running four minutes.

Manchester City's increasingly is on top when Kevin De Bruyne advantage Manchester City, five minutes after goals in the Sane.

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Guardiola is proud and sad Fate Against Manchester City

Manchester City's two goals advantage did not last long after breaking into the goalpost capable Alli Deli Claudio Bravo on 58 minutes.

The success of reducing the number of goal difference makes Tottenham players confidence increased. As a result, Tottenham are capable of scoring both at once make the position be compensated through the actions of Heung-Min Son on 77 minutes.

Until the game ended 2-position is still unchanged. Manchester City must answerthe chances of reaching a full points and was only able to secure a point.

Overall, Manchester City are still superior in possession with a record 55 percent. The Citizens generate 17 kicks where seven of which leads right into the goal.

The draw made Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur still survive in his positionrespectively. Manchester City was ranked fifth, while Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea lurks in second place.

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