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Bravo Said The Reason Manchester City Are In A Difficult Situation

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, lamenting the red card earned Granite Xhaka against Burnley at the Emirates Stadium on the weekend of the Premier League, on Sunday (22/1/2017). Wenger appealed to minimise Xhaka tekel loudly to the opponent.

Referee Jonathan Moss awarding Xhaka red card directly on 65 minutes. Because, the Switzerland national team midfielder do heavy offense to the players Burnley, Steven Defour.

"To be honest, I have to see again a red card Xhaka. However, from bisingnya cheers supporters opposed to the sound, in my opinion, he should have received a red card, "said Wenger.

"He should be in control of his game and not a detriment to the team with the weakness of her self and tekel in mastering the rigors. We do not encourage the quarterback to do tekel, "he continued.

"We want them to remain standing and do not create violations like this. So, if it's bad, tekel red card worth issued, "said the Manager of France origin it.

Bravo Said The Reason Manchester City Are In A Difficult Situation

Xhaka is indeed known to often launch tekel is dangerous. During his career as a professional player, player 24 years have been getting a red card nine two of them obtained while strengthening the Arsenal.

Losing The Gunners must make Xhaka struggled to grab full points. After working hard, Arsenal finally successfully lock the victory with the score 2-1.

Two goals in the London Gun squads each Shkodran Mustafi printed on 59 minutesand Alexis Sanchez through the white dots in the injury time of the second half. Meanwhile, the goal of Burnley goalkeeper Petr Cech was bolted to Andre Gray through a penalty in the 90th minute + 3.

Thanks to a victory over Burnley, Arsenal climbed into second position standings while Premier League 2016-2017. Laurent Koscielny Cs pocketed 47 points, or left behind eight figures from Chelsea who are at the top of the standings.

Former referee, Howard Webb, United Kingdom rate Manchester City deserve a penalty after Raheem Sterling dropped Tottenham Hotspur Defender, Kyle Walker, on the forbidden box on the game's 22nd weekend Premier League, Saturday (21/1/2017).

"You will see events that occur on the Sterling. Manchester City should have got a penalty and the player who did it gets a red card, "explained Webb.

"Maybe this is another case as the basis for the application of technology in football," he said.

Face Tottenham at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City had harmed the referee Andre Marriner. The Citizens judged deserves a penalty in the final minute of the match.

It is largely because of Kyle Walker is clearly visible pushing Raheem Sterling in the penalty box. However, the referee did not regard it as a violation. As a result, the City must settle for playing counter drew 2-Spurs.

Bravo Said The Reason Manchester City Are In A Difficult Situation

Meanwhile, Kyle Walker admits the attitude of not sportifnya. Walker judge if Raheem Sterling is a dangerous player and had to keep an eye on throughout the game.

"I will not be able to stop the Sterling if not doing so. You just have to stop its movement as much as possible, "said Walker.

These results make Manchester City remain in the top five of the standings while the Premier League with 43 points. They left behind three figures of Tottenham Hotspur who occupy the top three.

Manchester City goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo, assessing his team was in a tough situation of competing in the Premier League, 2016-2017. That background that makes the Bravo asked her colleagues do not dissolve in failure to achieve positive results.

"The situation now is not ideal. We have it all in order to achieve victory, but such stories already have. Our difficulty gaining opportunities from other teams, and it comes from the limitations of the options, "said Bravo.

Negative trends are a reflection of Manchester City, especially entering beginning in 2017. Army Pep Guardiola showed symptoms of decline in performance. The proof,Manchester City just grabbed four points from four matches.

Bravo Said The Reason Manchester City Are In A Difficult Situation

It's beginning, Manchester City reaped one point kala meets Tottenham Hotspur. The meeting of these two teams ended with the score 2-2, in a match of the weekendPremier League 22/1/2017). Earlier, Manchester City suffered two defeats over Liverpool (1/1/2017) and Everton (15/1/2017).

Not want to continue to be overshadowed a series of minor results, Claudio Bravo to motivate his peers to perform as best as possible. The attitude of optimism and confidence of the entire team elements assessed as a pathway toward awakening.

"We have to have a pretty strong mentally. We must continue to work hard and continue to believe that important to what has been done. This is the only recipe for to rise up, "stated Bravo.

The sequence of the latest results make the pace of Manchester City in the standings was hampered. Currently, new Manchester City collect 43 points and occupies thefifth position while the Premier League standings, 12 points from Chelsea at loggerheads who was in the first position.

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