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The results of the Italian Serie A, Napoli Firmly at the top of the standings

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, delivering his comments about hair unique Paul Pogba. He also delivered a critique at the same time praise to Paulo Dybala, whena 1-0 win over AS Roma in a Serie A match in the stadium of Juventus on Sunday (24/1/2016).

Dybala goal on 77 minutes deliver The Old Lady grabbed 11 successive victories in the Italian Serie a.

"We played great in the first 20 minutes, but Mario Mandzukic Dybala and not able to finish the chances," Allegri told Sky Sport Italy reported by the Italy Football.

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"In the first half of play too Dybala widened on the right side and found no space," he said again.

Former AC Milan allenatore was added, "of course eventually he scored."

The results of the Italian Serie A, Napoli Firmly at the top of the standings

Actually Arsenal start their season derailed by the 2015-2016 in Italy. However, nowthey are only linked to two points with pemuncak standings, Naplesand superior four digits from third place, Fiorentina and Inter Milan.

"It is not easy to grab 11 winning streak in Serie A, especially after we spent a lot of energy against Lazio in the Coppa Italy, on Wednesday (20/1/2016)," said Allegri.

When asked about the new Paul Pogba the newfangled leopards, 48-year-old tactics spokesman did not want to follow it.

"I don't have enough hair for it. Pogba has seven or eight hairdressers who come and go, "he said.

Hair nyentrik Pogba seemed to give its own luck. Braga goal Dybala is the result ofa his with jelly gives the bait breakthrough into the penalty box.

The Juventus match opponents AS Roma Sunday (24/1/2016), could not escape thecontroversy. The mainstay players Rome, Daniele De Rossi, accused of being raciallybomber against Juventus, Mario Mandzukic.

In the duel, De Rossi was installed as the central defender right in front of goalie in the pattern of three. The veteran midfielder, 32-year-old Roman was in charge of deadly Mandzukic, spearhead the Juventus, since the first minute.

The results of the Italian Serie A, Napoli Firmly at the top of the standings

If see performance stats in the game, De Rossi is successfully carrying out the tasks.He made no real Mandzukic, so the bomber is not allowed to have any chance of scoring.

Duel De Rossi with a man that is not just Croatia origin shaped the physical, but theBuffalo war of words and intimidation. When the action half an hour old, De Rossi was caught mouthing the words racially after a duel with Mandzukic.

De Rossi reportedly mentioned the word "cretin" and "Gypsies" to Mandzukic. These events provoke reactions from Committee of referees.

"This event is really dangerous. As public figures seen by young kids, you should give a good example, "said Association President Marcello Nicchi Italy, Referee, told Rai 2.

Issues surrounding the action smacked of racism and discrimination against particular groups are increasingly touchy in Italy. The last few days, the public comments shocked Pizza Country coach Naples, Maurizio Sarri, who calls the architect of Inter, Roberto Mancini, as gay.

Naples keeping a positive trend with 5 winning streak so sturdy fixed as capolista. Instead, Inter Milan failed to secure a third position in the standings.

The results of the Italian Serie A, Napoli Firmly at the top of the standings

Inter Milan only draw 1-1 at present entertain Carpi, must tergeser to the number 4.These results could not be separated from the victory over Fiorentina, Torino.

Fiorentina and Inter Milan both collected 41 points from 21 matches. However, La Viola's superior goal difference (surplus) compared to La Beneamata (the surplus).

The position of the Naples Summit still inhabited by a collection of 47 points. The 5th consecutive victory earned army Maurizio Sarri in Serie A while conquering Sampdoria 4-2 in home games.

Juventus clinging tight to Napoli in the second stage. The 11th consecutive victorymakes a big difference in keeping The Mistress of 2 points from the pemuncak standings.

As Roma defeated Juventus 1-0 halted at the 5 with 35 points. They are threatened by AC Milan who clashed on 2 numbers behind it.

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