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Better sleep than Watch the matches of Juventus

Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini, being optimistic is related to his team's chances of penetrating the top three. No matter, AS Roma as the competitors showed a jump in performance.

Now, Rome is perched on the third stage with a collection of 56 points from 28 matches. This record of seven victories I Giallorossi in the League.

As for Inter's new live 27 matches, still lagged in eight figures. According to Mancini, Inter lost to consistent when compared to Rome.

"Rome is working very well. With seven wins in a row, they deserve to occupy the third position. However, they still have some game head-to-head, including against us, "said Mancini.

The rest of the schedule of Rome it was not easy. They must be against Inter Milan,March 19, 2016, Naples, April 24, 2016and AC Milan, May 15, 2016. There is a alsoderbi cons party, Lazio, 3 April 2016.

Better sleep than Watch the matches of Juventus

Before meeting with Roma, Inter melakoni cage two-party fight Palermo, March 6, 2016, and Bologna, March 12, 2016.

To expect Mancini, Inter was able to sweep clean of three points in two games. Here's how: with a repeat performance as they won 3-0 over Juventus in the semi-finals of both the Coppa Italy, Wednesday (2/3/2016).

"I hope, the team realized the ability to achieve good results. A victory over Juventus gives confidence and calmness for some further action, "said Mancini.

Positive results over Palermo was not easy for Their just Inter won one of the four last meeting with Palermo.

Coach Naples, Maurizio Sarri, reluctantly watched the match between Atalanta and Juventus in Serie A in the advanced Stadium Atleti Azzurri d'Italia, Sunday (6/3/2016).

This game will define the constellations above board. Now, both teams are at the top and equally collected 61 points.

This is ascertained after Napoli 3-1 win over Chievo Verona at the San Paolo Stadium, Saturday (5/3/2016). However, Juventus can come back stretched out the distance in a draw or beat Atalanta.

Better sleep than Watch the matches of Juventus

However, Sarri didn't feel curious with the results being published I Bianconeri.

"Though we are close to the ' Cannibal ' up there, the fact remains, they win more often," said Sarri.

"I would still be in bed, watching our game, and the anniversary of his next opponent, Palermo. I don't have time to watch the game that I can't influence, "he said.

Sarri participated and commented on the attitude of Gonzalo Dismisses after gamecons Chievo ends. The Argentina striker was reluctant to talk to the media or celebrate victories together supporters.

Not be denied by Sarri, Dismisses currently feel angry. However, the success of themelatari bandwagon outrage Dismisses print one to Chievo.

"I love the 2 who is angry. He's fiery and highly wanted an extra goal on the end of the game, but the ball hit the pole, "said Sarri.

Dismisses already scored 26 goals in 28 Serie A party this season. According toOpta, he contributed a goal each 44 touch.

The future of Totti alongside AS Roma as players were still hanging. Club President, James Pallotta, calling only Francesco Totti who could determine his future along with Rome.

Francesco Totti, whose contract has now been 39 years old, runs out at the end of the 2015-16 season. Until now, clubs and Totti has not formally sit together discussing contract extension buat.

"Decision reserved this contract there are in his hands. We spent a lot of time together all weekend yesterday. Francesco must decide what he wants to do. Much speculation question his future. But, againall of this is a decision that must be made by Francesco Totti, "said Pallotta Retesport was quoted as saying.

Reasonable when Totti gundah. This season he played very rarely. When Rome is still coached by Rudi Garcia, Totti just mentas four times with two as a substitute. He also had a long absence due to a hamstring injury is impaired.

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Better sleep than Watch the matches of Juventus

While Luciano Spalletti come, conditions were not improved. Captain Francesco Totti just playing three times as a substitute of the Moratti era Spalletti. Total time doing just 47 minutes. One of them is when replacing Stephan Aldo when beat Fiorentina 4-1, Friday (4/3/2016).

In fact, they ever achieve success on Spalletti in Rome the first period (2005-2009). Totti even to protest to the public because it is rarely played. Spalletti responded with a write off the captain of the squad carried made against Palermo (21/2/2016).

"My Target is to get results," said Spalletti. "I made the selection of the team on that basis, not based on the history of the players," he said ahead of Real Madrid's opponents at the first meeting of the UEFA Champions League round of 16, mid-February.

The question back on Totti. Already at the age of 39 years, treading on what he really want to do?

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