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Nainggolan Call Juventus are not much better than Rome

The Juventus striker, Paulo Dybala (22), earned praise from Lionel Messi. It makes Dybala flattered and claiming to want to soon be able to play with the senior's status as the world's best player five times that.

Comment the issue of removals Dybala himself from Juventus to Barcelona are increasingly sticking out.

Because, the comments appear in the time of existence of interest Past Argentina midfielder to it.

The signs of truth news it also looks at the match Juventus face AS Roma in the Serie A on Sunday advanced (24/1/2015).

Barca's Technical Director, Robert Fernandez, seen present at the Milan Stadium to witness the appearance of a successful Dybala scored singles victories of the Bianconeri.

No matter the commentary clarify Dybala. He justifies the very want to play along with Real Madrid, but not in Barcelona.

Nainggolan Call Juventus are not much better than Rome

The attacker serbabisa this wants to play with a 28 year old Megastar was on the Argentina national team.

"I think what I say about Messi is that of the national team, rather than Barca. I like to play with her, not against it, "says Dybala to Football Italy.

Dybala ever admitted that his focus is currently only for Juventus. The former Palermo player was not thinking about the transfer to other clubs, including Barcelona.

"At the moment, what is most concern me is helping Juventus earned a fifth Scudetto," said Dybala.

So far, Argentina national team Dybala has strengthened three times as a substitute,con Paraguay, Brazil, and Colombia, all of them in World Cup qualification matches in 2018.

However, he does not share the blade of grass with Messi in action on any of the matches throughout 2015.

Nainggolan Call Juventus are not much better than Rome

AS Roma coach Luciano Spalletti,, believes that De Rossi could be freed from the race when his team tudingan submission at the headquarters of Juventus in Serie A, advanced Sunday (24/1/2016).

De Rossi's criticized the public because pertikaiannya with Mario Mandzukic when the match lasted half an hour. He was reportedly summoned Mandzukic as Gypsies.

Spalletti could not then blame the son of asuhnya. He even suggested De Rossi to close the mouth with the hands when want to do similar things again.

"The moment of lost control, you should not forget to shut the mouth with the hand. I would teach him, "said Spalletti.

"I'll teach him to shut the mouth with the hand. The other players will also get similar lessons so that you cannot read the movements of the lips, "he said.

Not without reason Spalletti defended the action of De Rossi. Mandzukic considered catapult provocation in advance.

"Mandzukic did that to all the players for ten minutes. De Rossi was just replying towhat was said to be opposed to, "said Spalletti.

Roma suffered a 0-1 defeat in this match. Single goal Juventus scored by Paulo Dybala on 77 minutes.

Nainggolan Call Juventus are not much better than Rome

As Roma back failed to win over Juventus in a Stadium for the fifth time in a row in Serie a. However, Radja Nainggolan (27) recalled that the appearance of the Bianconeri on Sunday (24/1/2016) is not much better than the Giallorossi.

Juventus managed to avenge their defeat in the first round of Serie A 2015-2016. The Bianconeri successfully grabbed the three points thanks to a single goal Paulo Dybala at minute 77.

Nainggolan argued that Rome did not deserve defeat in those games.

Draw a bloody Belgium midfielder is regarded by Indonesia as the fairest result.

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"We can't do many things in attack, but the player we were able to put a damper onthe middle of the team's appearance in the best performance in Serie a. it means that we have been playing well," said Nainggolan told Rai Sport.

"Juventus Are superior than Rome? At the moment they are playing better, but we managed to come here and make their difficulties means that Juventus is not much better than Rome, "sebutnya.

This defeat makes Rome extending its record of never winning at Juventus Stadiumsince it was officially opened as the Bianconeri enclosure on September 11, 2011.

A total of six times the Giallorossi have already visited the stadium capacity to the audience in all 41.475 event and they always suffer defeat.

For Juventus, this victory was the 11th in a row in Serie A after it had slumped early in the season.

The Bianconeri else sticking to strict points of Naples at the top of the table until the weekend.

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