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Arsenal failed to win because the performance Drop

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger (67), feel the performance of child asuhnya in the second half on the counter party of Tottenham Hotspur has decreased.

Arsenal draw 1-1 at the Derbi game North London at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (6/2/2016) local time.

The club called The Gunners winning advance in first round late own goal scored Kevin Wimmer.

However, Tottenham managed to retaliate from the point in the second half penaltyexecution Harry Kane.

Wenger saw his team cause cannot pluck a victory in this match because of a decrease in the level of child asuhnya performance in the second half.

"The match took place with high intensity. I felt in the first half we could have scored a goal each time get past the midline field, "said Wenger as reported by Sky Sports.

"In the second half, we look more flat physically, a little less sharp. We could not find the creativity, flexibility in the opponent's penalty area, and all the things we normally do. I think our performance level to drop, "said he.

Arsenal failed to win because the performance Drop

Although acknowledging child asuhnya experience a decrease in performance, Wenger felt Tottenham did not deserve the prize.

"I think the penalty was a penalty decision that too hard. There is no visible danger to score also invisible violation occurs, "said the Manager of origin France.

Draw it makes Arsenal yet unbeaten in 10 weeks. The only defeat that plagued TheGunners experienced on the first weekend when the humiliated Liverpool with the score 4-3 in front of their own supporters.

Manchester United wins 3-1 over Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium, Sunday (6/2/2016).The victory was the first of the four last matches for United in the Premier League.

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The Red Devils scored goals by Paul Pogba (15th minute) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (21 ', 33 '), while lesakan accounted for Swansea's Mike van der Hoorn (69 ').

Based on note, United did indeed appear more dominate. They lead the possession of up to 63 percent. In terms of opportunities, the Red Devils had nine and Swansea have six opportunities.

The attack took the initiative early on, direct the public silence as Manchester United host passing touchdowns kick Pogba to missiles.

Arsenal failed to win because the performance Drop

Just six minutes later, Ibrahimovic adds to the excellence of Jose Mourinho's forces.Receiving the three flat from Wayne Rooney, Ibrahimovic could not think long to release Spurn measurable from outside the penalty box.

The end Ibrahimovic goal scorer he was in effect of the Premier League over 609 minutes!

Motivated by the first goal, Ibrahimovic returned a vibrating mesh Lukasz Fabianskion 33 minutes. Rooney again became kreator goals from the Brazilian, who then kicked the round with hard skin from within.

A score of 3-0 to Manchester United last up to down.

Entering the second half, the Red Devils lose fierce intensity.

It is able to be utilized Swansea to steal a goal on 69 minutes. Starting from Gylfi Sigurdsson free kick, Van der Hoorn with dogged Gore the ball to goalkeeper David DeGea came.

Lesakan Van der Hoorn at once into the game in the closing goal.

Until the long whistle sounded, a score of 3-1 to United remain unchanged.

Three points of making United moving up one rank to order six standings with a collection of 18 points. Ibrahimovic and his friends are still lags behind eight points from the pemuncak, Liverpool FC.

Liverpool controlled the game in the Premier League thanks to a 6-1 victory over Watford at Anfield Stadium, Sunday (11/6/2016).

Two of the six goals the team called The Reds printed by Sadio Mane. As for the four other lesakan donated Philippe Coutinho, Emre Can, Roberto Firmino and Georginio Wijnaldum.

Arsenal failed to win because the performance Drop

With this result, Liverpool had 26 points from eleven games. One of their superior numbers over Chelsea following in second place.

Large gaps visible tracing statistics version of Premier League. Liverpool recorded master 59.7 game and release 17 shots on target than 28 experiment.

In contrast, Watford just doing the kick eight of the eleven attempts.

Despite getting a lot of chances, Liverpool had to wait almost half an hour to open the scoring. Lesakan opener scored by Sadio Mane, who continued the bait gastric Philippe Coutinho from left.

Three minutes later, Coutinho changed its role of being a scorer. He let go of the horizontal shots from outside the penalty box.

Advantages: does not make Liverpool attack loosens. In fact, they closed the first half with a score of 3-0 thanks to sharp Emre Can cross welcomes Adam Lallana.

After a pause, Juergen Klopp back adding two goals in three minutes. Again, Lallanaacts as a reliever in the service goal Roberto Firmino.

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