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Spalletti: Roma Less Courageous!

CEO of Juventus, Beppe Marotta, ensure it will maintain Massimiliano Allegri, Paul Pogba, and Paulo Dybala.

Football Juventus Allegri actions already gave rise to speculation that associated itwith other clubs. One of these clubs are Chelsea, who are still looking for a permanent coach after this season is over.

"He is talented and popular coach. Allegri was already proving to be able to run a task well despite experiencing difficult start of the season, "said Marotta as reported by the Mediaset Premium.

"We sure could go forward together had made," he said.

It's not just the coaches, two players impressive La Vecchia Signora, i.e. Pogba and also a number of clubs interested Dybala elite of Europe.

Barcelona has long attracted the attention of Pogba while Dybala is top scorer whileJuventus with 12 goals from 15 times to become a starter.

Nainggolan Call Juventus are not much better than Rome

The age of both players who are both 22 years old also make them attractive investments for Club enthusiasts.

"Pogba and Dybala are two young players is interesting. A tremendous satisfaction to have them as an asset to our Club. They are spectacular players and will we defend, "he said.

Marotta will also decide to determine the future of the three players that expired at the end of this season. The third player mentioned is Martin Caceres, and two veterans, Defender Patrice Evra sertaAndrea Barzagli.

"They are three professional players has given many contributions and we will evaluate their situation," he said.

After the Club suspended its lending, AS Monaco, and almost ignored by the parentClub, AC Milan, Stephan Aldo now seems on the verge of having a new home. Roma are believed to be increasingly close to recruit the services of the striker.

Tuttomercato reported negotiations with striker Olimpico stronghold birth of Savona, Italy, that is said to be smooth.

The same source said that Rome had ever talked to Milan and very open to Rossoneri stronghold melegonya.

Nainggolan Call Juventus are not much better than Rome

Milan reportedly will lend the strikers to Rome with the purchase of klausal at the end of the season.

This came after Milan CEO Adriano Galliani, suggested a few days ago that the "Aldo can not go back to Milan."

Now, the players seemed to be the closest target. He was even rumored to be readyto come to the Trigoria training center, Il Lupi, to undergo medical tests in the near future.

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On the other hand, the fortress capital of Italy was ready to take off to the Club China Gervinho, Jiangsu Suning.

Director of Rome, Mauro Baldissoni, says that middle management is working to bring in new energy. However, he was reluctant to reveal any target clubs.

"Roma are listed on the stock exchange, so we will be announced officially after all transfers have been sorted out," said Baldissoni to the Sport Mediaset.

"We thought the team was able to complete some of the transfer for the sake of developing teams that are already strong," he said.

Aldo scored 21 goals in 82 Serie A matches over the past four years strengthen AC Milan.

AS Roma coach Luciano Spalletti, judge, son of asuhnya appear less brave kala subverted Juventus 0-1 in the Serie A match at Juventus on Sunday (24/1/2016).

"We've been good in terms of the organisation of the games, as it only give a little room for Juventus. However, the reality is we are less brave, "said Spalletti to Mediaset Premium Football reported by Italy.

Nainggolan Call Juventus are not much better than Rome

"We must win more duels, have the courage to push the opponent Defender entering its territory, and mastered the pitch when we lose the ball. Bradley's goal, for exampleshows there is a hole in the back of the line, "he explained.

Allenatore shaved-headed has been found crucial points which should be addressed from the Wolves squad for Rome.

"We did some things with good, but not enough. We quickly need to improve yourgame, determination, confidence, courageand all these qualities, "said the man who once offered the three titles for the Roman.

Now, Francesco Totti et al is pemuncak with 12 points standings, Naples. However,Spalletti has not been willing to discuss it further.

"I don't look at the standings. Therefore, I do not think about it. The thing that I want is to rediscover the mentality of players to win the match, "said the former speaker of the tactics of Zenit St. Petersburg was.

Spalletti seemed ready to give my best in the rest of the competition.

"We just started to work for five months. No results without effort and sacrifice, "he said.

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