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Mihajlovic raise the white flag in Serie A?

Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic had hinted at raising the white flag surrender about AC Milan's chances of winning the title champions of Serie a. Now the Rossoneri will maximize everything in the Coppa Italy.

After Milan drew 2-on hold by Empoli at Stadio Carlo Castellani in the 21st week of the Serie A, Friday (30/1/2016), Mihajlovic revealed comments that indirectly refer to his team's chances of reaching quarter-finals had ended.

Draw it makes Milan is currently still in sixth position and has been lagging behind 14 points from Naples who mastered top Serei a.

Mihajlovic indicated that one of Milan's chance to salvage this season from failure is to win the Coppa Italy.

The Rossoneri's chances to qualify for the final wide open. In the semifinals, they were only reunited with the Club from the third tier or Lega Pro, Alessandria.

The first game will be held at Turin's Stadio Olimpico on Tuesday (26/1/2016) nighttime or Sunday early morning GMT.

Mihajlovic raise the white flag in Serie A?

"The match later on Tuesday is the moment the key for our season. We should be and have been determined to advance to the final, "said Mihajlovic was quoted fromFourFourTwo.

"Our goal is to qualify for the final of this competition and strive to lift the trophy. Ifwinning the title, this season could be said to be successful, "he said.

Despite the material, Milan is much better, Alessandria votes Mihajlovic ought to berespected and to look out for. Is not a fluke team third caste it could step away at the Coppa Italy.

"Alessandria very deserving of our respect. I am very proud to coach them. I will treat Alessandria as Serie A team and will lose the best player in the game, "said Mihajlovic.

Juventus were judged to have found a good identity in the Serie A this season. It is expressed by their mainstay, Defender Giorgio Chiellini.

When initiating this season, Juventus had fell. From the initial five games in Serie A, they just scooped up five points, with the details of one victory, two defeats, a drawand two times.

However, Juventus slowly able to show tajinya. Since the 11th week of the Serie A, a 2-1 win over Torino in the stadium Juventus (31/10/2015), The Mistress of the Greatstarted the trend positive.

Mihajlovic raise the white flag in Serie A?

Victory for the sake of a victory won by Juventus, and successfully made it to the second position standings while the Serie A with the acquisition of 45 points. They justargued two points with Napoli at the Summit.

Latest Juventus three points obtained after toppling AS Roma with a score of 1-0 thanks to a goal Paulo Dybala, in Turin, on Sunday (24/1/2016) local time.

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Thus, Juventus has recorded 11 find their winning streak in Serie a.

Responding to this, Chiellini lifted any compliment towards his team. He's assess Juventus had found a good rhythm in wading through the competition this season.

"Now we have found a good identity. We also see him match the Coppa Italy against Lazio (20/1/2016). We could suffer, but also be able to play, "said Chiellini was quoted as saying from Football Italy, Monday (25/1/2016)

Although Juventus is experiencing a positive trend in the Italian Serie A, Chiellini couldn't help his team fall asleep.

"The Club is very close Distance, so anything can happen. Naples is in front of us. They are in front of the clubs who favored this season, "said the 31-year-old defenderwas.

Chiellini's statement is not excessive. Because, under there is Juventus Fiorentina and Inter Milan, both of which are equally collected 41 points.

"If they can maintain the spirit for a long time, they can cause problems for anyone," he said.

Mihajlovic raise the white flag in Serie A?

AC Milan's coach, Sinisa Mihajlovic, appoint Roberto Mancini as influential figure in his career. Mihajlovic ever grateful for the guidance given architect Inter Milan.

Both are indeed had worked together at Inter from 2004 to 2008. Mihajlovic became the player before being appointed as an assistant coach in 2006.

During the four years that, Mihajlovic claimed to have adopted the coaching style ofMancini.

"I've taken many aspects of one of the most talented coaches who grabbed a lot oftitles. I live a job that he likes, "said Mihajlovic.

"There are some things You never forget. Without him, it will be very difficult. I of course had to thank Mancini, "said Serbian coach.

Mihajlovic and Mancini's team would compete in the San Siro in the Serie A, advanced Sunday (31/1/2016). At the first meeting at the Giuseppe Meazza, Milan lost 0-1.

Throughout his career as a coach, Mihajlovic experience one victory and the defeatof the team that dealt with Mancini.

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