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Mourinho became Manager, the fate of young players MU at the tip of the Horn

The presence of Jose Mourinho as Manchester United invited the big pertannyaan, how the fate of the young Red Devils players under the direction of Portugal-bornman is that?

Under Louis van Gaal reacted, the young Manchester United players many get a chance to play. At least 14 Manchester United Academy player name is already feeling the debut or became part of the starting line-up during the 2014-2016.

They are Sam Johnstone, Poole, Paddy Regan McNair, Timothy Fosu Mensah-Borthwick-Jackson, Cameron, James Weir, Andrew Pereira, Joe Riley, Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford.

With this record, Louis Van Gaal reacted proves himself as a figure that supports the development of young players, because he's already started the tradition ever since she started exercising Invite Amsterdam in 1991. From the hands of gold, so players such as Patrick Kluivert, Dennis Nicolaas Bergkamp and Clarence Seedorf.

The same thing may be a bit difficult attached Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho became Manager, the fate of young players MU at the tip of the Horn

Mourinho And Notes Shared Bad Player Academy

Mourinho has always defended himself by arguing that he is the Manager of the matter with the players who come from the Club's Academy dilatihnya. However, in reality this Mou only uses the services of young players to fill the position left by the main players who suffered injuries.

"During my career, I've given you the opportunity to debut 49 players from the Club's Academy I rehearse," explained Mou

"Sometimes you have to do it because other players were injured. You do it because it is not a great goal pursued, "he added.

Of the 49 players, 23 of them only appear 2 times as much, while the other 10 appear as much as 2.

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In Chelsea, 7 players who were trained by the Academy of Chelsea and debut underMourinho (Sam Hutchinson, Jimmy Smith, Michael Woods, Anthony Grant, Ben Sahar, Steven Watts, and Lenny Pidgeley), none of them who continued his career withChelsea.

However, not in a Chelsea young player academies already won UEFA Youth Cup 2015 and 2016 are Avenged this by Harry Redknapp.

"I've often heard people ask Mourinho to play young players. As a coach who throughout his career has always been to win trophies, he needs experienced players to come out of a tough situation. Not many coaches like Mourinho who always bring a triumph in his career, "bela Redknapp.

Mourinho became Manager, the fate of young players MU at the tip of the Horn

With these reasons, Jose Mourinho can do the same thing with Manchester United,the academies already print the Class of ' 92 are legendary.

Unfortunately, it is not just going to happen because Mourinho wants it, but also because of the policies of the Glazer family who began to steer clear of the Manchester United Academy as an important part of the Club.

The Glazer Family And The Academy Of MU Who Started Shunned

Under the Glazer family, the budget annually Academy MU reach 4.1 million euro, and it's not even the half of it mencepai from Manchester City budget per year i.e. 13 million euros per year.

Not only that, the coaches at the Academy of MU only received as much as 24 thousand euros per year, of which the number is only half of the salary of Manchester City's Academy coach who achieved 41 thousand euro per year.

Not only is the matter of financing, but there is also dissatisfaction the staff Academy during work under the Glazer family. Derek Langley, Director of development for the young Manchester United players to retreat at the end of 2015/2016 because it is not satisfied with the limitations imposed Ed Woodward during the task of recruiting young players.

Whereas, from the hands of its gold players such as Danny Welbeck, Tom Cleverley, and Adnan Januzaj can play for Manchester United

However, Development Director for the new young players who are part of the Class of ' 92, Nicky Butt Manchester United, the Academy is not too bad either in facilities and coaching, as well as the optimistic can produce a quality young players.

Mourinho became Manager, the fate of young players MU at the tip of the Horn

"People say Manchester United Academy is worse than City in the facility, but the place is not too bad, the Academy is not located at the base of the world. This is a fabulous place, "fighting Butt.

David Moyes, the former Manchester United coach also acknowledges, will the lessTHY young players who got their turn to play because the tight Premier League and the need to achieve great results quickly.

"In the United Kingdom, the less any of the Academy players who play for teams in the United Kingdom because the results are more important than coaching and coach very quickly lost his job, so they don't want to take the risk to young players who are still difficulties to perform consistently in the first team,"

Glazer could no longer shy away from this issue, because the issue has reached the grass roots of the Academy itself.

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