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Allardyce, Coach Of Mid-table Team Specialists

Sky Sports preach United Kingdom Football Federation (FA) immediately announced Sam Allardyce as the new coach of the national team in United Kingdom. Following in the footsteps of Allardyce in the world record football.

Allardyce delivered his presentation related vision and mission for the United Kingdom at the FA headquarters, Chesire, Londonon Tuesday (12/7/2016) local time. At that meeting, Allardyce meets FA Vice President David Gill. There is also the head of the FA's technical And Ashworth, Chief Executive Martin Glenn.

Allardyce would unveiled by United Kingdom Football Federation (FA) at a meetingthat will be occasions on Thursday (21/7/2016). The name Allardyce is in fact has long been associated with such a prestigious position.

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Allardyce, Coach Of Mid-table Team Specialists

61 year old man it almost became coach of The Three Lions in 2006. However, when it comes to rely more on these post of FA on Steve McClaren.

He is not a new actor in the United Kingdom, and that it's been 15 years since he first engaged in the Premier League as a coach. Bolton Wanderers he managed to bring to the Premier League in 2001 was the first team to feel him in the Premier League.

Since that time, there were already 5 Club that he trained at Premier League Sunderland, including the new ones he trained in 2015/2016, and interestingly none of thekulb degraded below him, so Sam Allardyce getting the nickname Mr. Fix It because it could Polish the team mid-table.

Bolton Wanderers

Big Sam coached Bolton Wanderers during 1999-2007, where he managed to bringthe team to the Premier League in season 2001/2002. In the 2001/2002 season, the team ranked 16th with 9 wins, 13 draws, and 16 defeats.

In the season 2002/2003, Bolton was ranked 17th with 10 WINS, 14 draws and 14 defeats.

Allardyce, Coach Of Mid-table Team Specialists

Bolton continued to show improvements to performance, since the 2003/2004 season, they ranked 8th, with 14 WINS, 11 draws and 13 defeats.

Ranked 6 successfully they achieved in 2004/2005 season, with 16 WINS, 10 draws and 12 defeats, and qualified for the UEFA Cup for the first time.

They returned to the 8th rank at msuim 2005/2006, with 15 WINS, 11 draws and 12defeats.

His last season of 2006/2007, i.e., they are ranked 7th, with 16 WINS, 8 series, and 12 defeats.

Means with 228 matches Sam Allardyce to live together with Bolton Wanderers, total victory they can is 80 victories, which means the level of his reaching 35.1 percent.

Newcastle United

Sam Allardyce coached Newcastle in 2007/2008 season precisely when Thaksin Shinawatra took over the team, and brought the team to finish in 13th position, with 11victories, 10 series and 17 lost, in other words win percentage Sam along Newcastlereached 29%.

Blackburn Rovers

Start practicing on the 2008/2009 season, he led the team that rose to the rank of having the symbol 3 with 10 times winning 11 times series and 17 defeats, and improved the next season with a ranking of 10, obtained from 13 WINS, 11 draws and 14defeats.

In other words, for 76 games, percentage of his victory reached 31.6%.

Allardyce, Coach Of Mid-table Team Specialists

West Ham United

West Ham United recruit Sam Allardyce when the team terdergradasi to the DivisionChampionship in 2011 and bring the Hammers back to the Premier League in the season of 2012/2013. Sam immediately brought the team to rank 10, with 12 WINS, 10 draws, and 16 defeats.

While in the 2013/2014 season, the position down to rank 13th, with 11 WINS, 7 draws, and 8 defeats.

Finally, in his last season 2014/2015, i.e., the position is a little improved into position 12, with 12 WINS, 11 draws and 15 defeats.

Means, for 114 of their games with The Hammers, total victory in the Premier League for the past three seasons is 35 times or the same with 30.7%

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