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Liverpool Official Goalkeeper Brought 39 Years to Anfield

Middlesbrough official bring striker Alvaro Negredo, Spain, on Wednesday (20/7/2016). The 30-year-old player was recruited by the status of the loan during the season.

The certainty it would back Negredo making plays in the Premier League. Previously, Negredo never strengthened Manchester City in the period 2013-2014.

"Middlesbrough adds strength team to compete in the Premier League after gettingAlvaro Negredo from Valencia," call the official statement of The Boro.

"Players that Spain international who became part of La Roja squad when the club won the European Cup success of 2012, joining status of loan players," continued the statement of Middlesbrough.

Negredo will be the fifth player Spain Middlesbrough defending. In addition to having five players, The Boro is also a trained coach Country Matador, i.e. Aitor Karanka.

Liverpool Official Goalkeeper Brought 39 Years to Anfield

In the last season, Negredo became a mainstay among front-line Valencia. The Academy's upbringing was Rayo Vallecano player that scored 12 goals in 42 matches for El Che in various event.

The players Liverpool visit to one of the legendary prison Alcatraz, San JoseUnited States, Friday (21/7/2016). Such activities are conducted on the sidelines of Danny Ings dkk their preparation melakoni International Tournament Champions Cup (ICC)2016.

Alcatraz prison was built in 1859 as a bulwark of U.S. military forces. In 1907, the U.S. Army started moving the weaponry and designing the Fort as a military prison who were assessed to have very high level of security because it is in the middle of the island.

Initially, the Alcatraz only fully accessible to limited circles, but in 1934, the prison opened to civilian prisoners. A number of legendary U.S. criminals, one of them the famous mobster, Al-Capone, Anglin brothers, until Robert Stroud, has been languishing behind bars.

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Liverpool Official Goalkeeper Brought 39 Years to Anfield

On March 21, 1963, the US Federal Government shuts prison Alcatraz because the assessed cost very expensive operations. Now, the prison located on the tropical island that opened as 12,202 hectare museum that stores a variety of dark history.

Based on the historical record that, the players of Liverpool took the time to visit Alcatraz Prison. The players The Reds ever seen enthusiastic so down the various cells that still filled full with beds, pillowsblankets, and pillow case.

The Liverpool player not to miss a self perpetuating through snapshots of the camera in some corner of the inside and outside prison. So with Manager Jurgen Klopp which looks really enjoy visiting it while listening to audio tours of the museum.

"To be honest, I was never really into tourist spots with a history like that before. Soit is a journey full of experiences and fun, "said Ings.

"The other players are also very enjoy it and really fun to read and study history. This is very important for us, because something like this could help new players feel welcome to be a part of the team, "added the 23-year-old player was.

After a visit to Alcatraz prison agenda, the Liverpool squad was scheduled to face ICC match Prime 2016 against Chelsea, in the Rose Bowl Pasadena, California, on Wednesday (27/7/2016).

Liverpool, through the official site, Friday (22/7/2016), announced it has completed the process of transfer of veteran goalkeeper, Alex Manninger.

In the last season, a career with FC Augsburg Manninger since 2012. Earlier, 39-year-old goalie had a career along with several clubs, including Arsenal, Juventus, Torino, BolognaUdinese, to Siena.

"Liverpool have today completed the transfer of goalkeeper Alex Manninger with a free transfer status," a statement The Reds stronghold.

Liverpool Official Goalkeeper Brought 39 Years to Anfield

Related career opportunities at Anfield, Manninger said, "to be honest, this is a surprise. After a few years, in Italy and Germany in the last four years, I really haven't given up. I still want to wait for the phone (from the Club). "

"I also can still leave something, however, is clearly not for three or four years into the future because of the current situation does not allow to play 50 matches for one year. However, if called upon, I am always ready to give our best, "he said.

Manninger initiate career alongside SV Salzburg in 1995. During his 21-year career in the world of football, a goalkeeper who had already completed a total of 34 appearances along with the Austria national team were able to record 85 clean sheets from a total of 300 matches.

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