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4 players Academy MU who brought Leicester Champion

Manchester United's record in the original cast of the Academy plays in the senior team are amazing. According to reports the Telegraph, United always plays the original Academy players in the Manchester United senior team in every game since October 30, 1937.

Thus, during the year 79 Manchester United always give the opportunity to the player to show his best ability along with the senior team.

However, the senior team debut together does not mean the player is going to geta warranty will be playing for the senior team Manchester United for all. Many of them were forced to move to other clubs that are more in need of their services, let alone have become common if Manchester United more prioritize foreign players to add power to their Liam.

Not that when they moved, their quality declined and dims. Paul Pogba became one of the original cast thy Academy makin berjaya after out of MU, with Juventus won Serie A 3 in a row.

4 players Academy MU who brought Leicester Champion

A similar case also happened with Leicester, Leicester 4 players turned out stemmedfrom the Academy. They become important actors behind the success of The Foxesappear as champions of the Premier League season for 2015-2016.

Danny Drinkwater
Drinkwater who currently Leicester have been trained at the Academy of MU since the age of 9 years. He was defending the Manchester United senior team, when dealing with Hull City in the Premier League on May 24, 2009, however Drinkwater just sit on the bench.

After championing several teams when lent such as Cardiff City and Barnsley, Drinkwater finally defend Leicester in 2012. Since then, his name began to rise, certainly in addition because it managed to bring the Premier League champions Leicester for the first time.

Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel together and Wes Morgan, he became one of three Leicester players other that goes in the PFA Championship Team of the Year, or the best team the Division Championship Season of 2012/2013, after scoring seven goals for the team having the symbol Fox and brought Leicester was ranked first.

Ritchie De Laet
Playing for the U-18 team Manchester United in 2009, De Laet moved to Leicester in 2012.

Had appeared 12 times along with Leicester City in the summer of 2015/2016, a player who plays as a defender and is on loan to Middlesbrough in mid season, and brought the team's promotion to the Premier League with a two-position season Championship standings in 2015-2016. He appeared 10 times.

Danny Simpson
Playing for the reserve team of MU since 2005, he moved to Leicester in 2014. In the summer of 2015/2016, a player who plays as a defender for as much as 18 Leicesterdefending this game from 38 matches.

4 players Academy MU who brought Leicester Champion

Matty James
Matty James practicing with United since he was 14 years old. Although can't play with Leicester in the summer of 2015/2016 due to injury, he helped Leicester to survive in the Premier League in the season 2014/2015 James play for Leicester when his team beat Manchester United 5-3 Premier League action on September 21, 2014.

Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is officially became a Manchester United player. The RedDevils Manager, Jose Mourinho, expose the reason to persuade the Brazilian to join.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined Manchester United on 1 July 2016. Sweden-born playerswere signed during the duration of the season, plus the option of an extension for 12 more months.

"We should be honest with each other that Zlatan has been very rich, and making a lot of money throughout his career. He has won many titles. He's not maybe he will come to the Premier League if he's not sure he can do that. "obviously the Mou.

"If she was not able to do so. He could move into the League of China. So, Inter still want to resolve the many challenges and became the first person to win 3 league record, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, "he added.

4 players Academy MU who brought Leicester Champion

Jose Mourinho and Ibrahimovic had worked together in the FC Internazionale in the summer of 2008-2009. They offered the title of Serie A season 2008-2009 and ItalySuper Cup.

"I remember that he was practicing martial arts a few times, and it makes him havea strong mentality," said Mourinho.

"Sometimes people say that this team does not have the figure lead, therefore I want everyone to have the mentality like Zlatan," stated Mourinho.

Although the 34-year-old, already the sharpness from the Brazilian needs no doubt.Just last season, the former Barcelona and AC Milan penggawa it creates 50 goals in51 matches.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not entered in the list of 25 players for the Manchester UnitedChampions Cup International pageant (ICC) 2016 in China. Inter still getting off afterdefending Sweden national team at the Euro 2016. He joined the new plan on Thursday (28/7/2016).

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