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Juventus Bought Motor Racing, Evra Deserves The Anxious

Patrice Evra deserve anxious because Juventus opted to recruit Alex Sandro rather than Guilherme Siqueira.

If only the predictable role as Siqueira upholstery Evra, Alex Sandro believed could get rid of veteran France it onto the bench. La Gazzetta dello Sport an allusion to Alex Sandro as motor racing.

"Figure that accelerates from zero speed being 100 km per hour in three seconds," wrote Italy's leading sports media that.

Alex Sandro is also flexible. He can play as a defender in the 4-3 scheme-1-2 or the wings when Juventus wanted to apply the module 3-5-2.

Dribel and speed of best feature is courtesy of a younger figure 10 years from Evrawas. However, statistics prove that Alex Sandro is not just good at helping attack. He also belongs to the ferociously in the running task.

In the UEFA Champions League by 2014/15, Alex Sandro is a defender with a recordof violations most (16). The number of cegatannya (24) also just lost a lot of Mario Fernandes (CSKA/28) and Emir Spahic (Leverkusen/27).

Juventus Bought Motor Racing, Evra Deserves The Anxious

Although often do offense, six collectors cap for Brazil that is not of type "dirty player." Since starting career in Europe along with Porto in 2011, he was sent off only once the referee, was not a direct red card. No wonder many observers call Alex Sandro will be "overtaking" Evra in order of starter Juventus next season.

Juventus left back, Patrice Evra (34 years), is the sole holder of the record in the UEFA Champions League.

Evra is the only player who felt the bitter defeat four times in the final of the continent's most elite competition Blue. The party's defeat in the Summit League Champions felt Evra with Monaco (2004), Manchester United (2009 and 2011) and Juventus (2015).

The ambition is to return Juventus reached the final of the UEFA Champions League2015/16 likely will not longer rely on Evra on the left side of their defense next season. Evra instead regarded as the bearer of bad luck, but Juventus has now been found left back a more youthful, energetic, and fast.

The figure is not Guilherme Siqueira (Atletico Madrid), but Alex Sandro (24 years) borrowed Juventus from Porto with mahar 3 million euro plus cost of redemption worth 22 million euros (341.7 billion dollars).

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Juventus Bought Motor Racing, Evra Deserves The Anxious

The ritual of medical tests have already made Alex Sandro at the Fornaca clinic, Turin, Thursday (8/8). He signed a five-year contract with a salary of three million euros per season.

The evolution of tactics that are happening in the world of football led to a number of coaches now would rather put up nine false (pseudo number nine attackers) rather than pure bomber.

However, Serie A is still a comfortable home for the player number nine. The proof, a capocannoniere (top scorer) Serie A in the last three seasons have always encroached upon by striker Edinson Cavani semodel bomber type (2012/13), Ciro Immobile(2013/14), and Mauro Icardi-Luca Toni (2014/15).

In fact, most of the contestants Serie 2015/16 resting to the player number nine asMario Mandzukic (Juventus), Edin Dzeko (Rome), Luiz Adriano (Milan), Icardi (Inter), and Gonzalo Dismisses (Naples).

A row of increasing length by including the name Khouma Babacar (Fiorentina), Luca Toni (Verona), Mattia Destro (Bologna), Duvan Zapata (Udinese), as well as Jerry Mbakogu (Carpi).

Except Icardi, Luiz Adriano, and Destro, all the names of the attackers had said nothing berpostur less than 184 cm and weighing under 80 kg. The title of Serie A players tersubur 2015/16 it seems to be back didekap by player number nine.

The site houses the famous bookmaker, William Hill, calling the Icardi (odds 5/1), Mandzukic (6/1), Luiz Adriano (9/1), Carlos Bacca (9/1), Edin Dzeko (10/1), and 2-(10/1) as the strongest candidate for Golden Shoe-winning.

Gabriel Batistuta, Christian Vieri, Hernan Crespo, and Oliver Bierhoff in the Serie A is an icon of the era of the 1990s.

Juventus Bought Motor Racing, Evra Deserves The Anxious

What is the common thread that connects the players of yesteryear? Batistuta, Vieri,Crespo, and Bierhoff equally task as the spearhead of the attack. Another equation is their is a type a forward bomber or also called big man.

Description big large-bodied man is operating in the penalty box area. They serve as the team's offensive flow of the estuary.

However, in the era of modern football today, type "number nine" kian is rarely seen. The trend of shifting tactics. Instead of putting up a bomber, now coaches preferplacing a false nine (attackers pseudo number nine).

The existence of the number nine players often overshadow opponent considered even hamper attacks. No wonder winger now also very mushrooming.

The advantage of installing the false nine and wings is a team can have three to fourplayers who are directly facing the opponent. The evolution of such tactics also occurred in the Italian Serie a.

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