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Jovetic Convinced Inter will return to the UEFA Champions League

The new Serie A season will begin later this week. Competition 2015/16 would open the chance for Juventus to carve a history.

After berturutturut became the champion four times between 2011/12 to 2014/15 championship season, 2015/16 will be the fifth match against Juventus, scoring consecutively. I Bianconeri would match the acquisition team during the 1930s.

Juventus grabbed quarter-finals between the 1930/31 to 1934/35. Five is the number of times the most success streak ever in Serie a.

"The main Target is to make history by reaching for the fifth consecutive quarter-finals. Juventus could only grab it in the era of the 1930s and it was another world, "said the arsenal Coach Massimiliano Allegri, told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Juventus will still be the team to beat. They did lose a lot of stars, but the replacement players seem able to keep the quality of the team. The success of winning the Supercoppa Italiana 2015 is the proof.

Jovetic Convinced Inter will return to the UEFA Champions League

More Competitive

La Vecchia Signora still be seeded number one. However, they have to siapsiap see that competition in the 2015/16 will be heavier than before.

In 2013/14 and 2014/15, Juventus are too dominant, while its competitors are also a bit. Practically the only Roma which are able to give a little resistance.

This season the story may be different. The two clubs Milano actually is the traditional rivals Juventus, Milan and Inter, increasing his power with a series of changes made in the team. They seems to be more competitive in the future.

"Italy clubs, notably Milan and Inter, spend a lot of money on the stock transfer again. This is great for Serie a. these conditions can raise the quality of the League.

Buy players with high level would improve the quality of the average Serie A, whichdeclined in the last few years, "said the former Parma coach, Roberto Donadoni, as quoted from the Corriere dello Sport.

Not just a duo Milano is ready menjegal fifth scudetto ambitions Juventus. Rome also increased strongly, while Lazio was determined more consistent than last season.Meanwhile, Napoli and Fiorentina is ready to become a dark horse again with new trainers.

Jovetic Convinced Inter will return to the UEFA Champions League

As Roma claimed to still need the services of Francesco Totti. It is delivered by coach Rudi Garcia.

The arrival of Edin Dzeko in the summer it's touted to replace the figure of Francesco Totti. However, it is directly contradicted by Garcia.

According to Garcia, the Club still need the services of Totti despite his age is already treading 38 years. However, coach berpaspor France could not guarantee whetherTotti plays in every game.

"We are fortunate to have a great captain. Nothing changed from one's quality minded individuals on the Court as well as a good champion in his life, "said Garcia was quoted as saying Football Italy.

"(But) he will be 39 years old soon and he will not be able to play in every game. He will always be an advantage to the team and as long as he's happy playing the game for Roma, "added Garcia.

Totti became one of the few players who shared his most loyal. Recorded, Totti is already in uniform of Rome since 1992.

No other Club has ever dibelanya in his professional career as a football player. Tottihas already appeared in 588 matches and scored 243 goals for i Giallorossi.

Rekrutan upgrade for Inter Milan, Stevan Jovetic, revealing his ambition this season.Jovetic confident that his club would return to the Champions League next season.

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Jovetic Convinced Inter will return to the UEFA Champions League

Inter's last appearances in the Champions League in 2011/2012 Edition. Since then, the Nerazzurri have always failed to finish in the top three close opportunities they performed at the highest European competition.

However, Jovetic has high confidence to his new Club. According to the original castof Montenegro that, Inter had the chance back into the Champions League.

"I am confident we can reach the top three. Although there are a lot of good teamsin the League, but we also have a strong team, "said Jovetic was quoted as saying the Daily Mail.

"There is always pressure in football and I feel it in any Club I play. So, I just focus onplaying good. I say this as an extra motivation, "added Jovetic.

Jovetic's career along with Manchester City only lasted for two seasons. The 25-year-old player decided a return to Serie A after failing to compete with Sergio Aguero.

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